Tuesday, September 29, 2009

$25 Tuesday Strikes Again! Facials for Everyone!

What can I say? That Spa Sally chick is a genius! Thanks to $25 Tuesdays, I am the proud owner of a deep tissue massage, a seaweed mud-parrafin facial and a Diamond in the Buff body scrub. Aaaahhhh....

So, it is my great pleasure to let you know about the newest deal: $25 Signature Facial at Smooth Synergy. Yes, just $25! Let's not forget the fact that Smooth Synergy is one of NYC's top locales for relaxation and beautification. How in heaven's name can you pass this deal up?!

Remember you have to buy your facial by midnight or you will be out of luck...with less thank lovely skin. Who wants that? Happy spa-ing, my dears! www.25Tuesdays.com.

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