Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Get a Little Culture Under Your Belt! Lincoln Center, Anyone?

Okay, so my rest lasted a little longer than a day. What can I say? I guess I overslept. How can I make it up to you? How about I lull you into forgiveness with the soothing sounds of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center? I can be forgiven for my absence and you can become a little more couth. Win-win, no?

Here's the deal courtesy of Groupon.com:

Enjoy the sweet strains of the CMS well into next year: $55 gets you three concerts of your choice presented by the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center (a $120 value). The accomplished artists of CMS range from the most recognized musicians in the world to gifted, emerging young stars. CMS presents chamber music of every instrumentation, style, historical period, and height in its extensive concert season, and today's deal allows you to sample a few.

CMS performances take place in the newly re-opened Alice Tully Hall, which was closed for nearly two years for renovations. Acoustics in the magnificently renovated space are pristine and rich, and carry the intimacy of chamber music—be it a piano sonata for four hands or string quartet for eight hands—to each seat with warmth and clarity. Anthony Tommasini of the New York Times says the 1,087-seat hall is "the most remarkable achievement of the renovation is that the Starr Theater, though not any smaller, now feels intimate and warm." This rare deal gives you the chance to hear some of the world's finest musicians perform in this beautiful new space again and again.

How fantastic is that?! But you have to hurry! This deal expires at midnight. So, now all is forgiven, right? Thanks, I love you, too! Enjoy the concerts and I'll see you tomorrow!

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