Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spooky Tricks and Scary Treats: Halloween in NYC on a Budget!

I am going to be Wonder Woman for Halloween. She's hot, she's damn near a rock star and she kicks arse. All-in-all, Wonder Woman is awesome! Besides, that costume should get me lots and lots of treats... ;-)

Just in case you are still unsure of how to spend your Halloween, I have a few suggestions. They range from the funny to the fun to the Oh so freaky! Spooky...

Madame Tussaud's After Dark:
Come see what dark secrets lurk in the depths of the world-famous wax museum. The history tells of a dark side that few care to revisit. During the French Revolution, Madame Tussaud was forced to dig through piles of executed noble’s bodies, creating death masks of famous victims and collecting gruesome artifacts for her traveling Chamber of Horrors like the guillotine blade that beheaded Marie Antoinette.
Will you survive Scream, the Chamber of Horrors, Prepare yourself for a restless night after a tour that will keep you in constant fear. Whoever said you shouldn't be afraid of the dark...lied. Cost: $20. 234 West 42nd Street, Times Square; 10/29 - 10/31 @ 9.

Candlelight Ghost Tours of “Manhattan’s Most Haunted House”
Come see the house The New York Times called “Manhattan’s Most Haunted” by flickering candlelight – complete with eerie scenes of mid-19th century death and mourning. During your visit to the Merchant House Museum, you’ll find out what paranormal investigations have uncovered and hear about strange and inexplicable occurrences from people who actually experienced them. Not recommended for children. Cost: $25, MHM Members $13. 29 East Fourth Street, bet. Lafayette and Bowery; 10/29 & 10/30, 6 to 10 p.m. (45 minute tours begin every half hour).

Special Halloween weekend shows @ The IFC!
Let Jack Nicholson scare the bits out of you. Bring in Halloween with a midnight showing of The Shining at the IFC. Kubrick meets Stephen King: in the deserted off-season at a massive, isolated resort hotel, new caretaker Jack Nicholson descends into madness with wife Shelley Duvall and their son the only witnesses. Trust me. It doesn't get much scarier than this. Boo! Cost: $13.50. 323 Sixth Avenue @ West Third Street; 10/30, midnight.

Halloween Spooktacular Improv Show:
Every Halloween season, the National Comedy Theatre proudly presents what is commonly referred to as the "dumbest show of the year!" The annual SPOOKTACULAR features scenes and games that they've never done before, creepy themes to all of the suggestions, death defying sketches - including one where a performer's head is submerged in a bucket of water for the entire scene, and the weirdest ending to a comedy show you that you have ever seen! ***Buy your tickets TODAY!!! This event ALWAYS sells out!!!*** Cost: $15. 347 W. 36th St., bet. 8th & 9th Avenues; 10/30 & 10/31: 7:30, 9:45.

Haunted House at the Vortex Theater:
Okay, this one is so scary that you have to sign a waiver. An actual waiver. You must go in alone. NO EXCEPTIONS! This super-spooky haunted house is hands-on. Literally. Bring a change of pants. Cost: $15. 164 11th Avenue, bet. 22nd & 23rd Sts.. Thru 10/31, 7 - 11.

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